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GM003, Reminisce, oil on board, 51 x 51cm
GM003, Reminisce, oil on board, 51 x 51cm

Georgie Mason

Georgie Mason is a young artist who lives and works in London’s Hackney Wick.  Georgie paints land/seascapes from memories and sketches of places she’s visited – most recently South America.  She uses a variety of materials to build texture including polyfilla, mud and beeswax and paints with anything from her fingers to windscreen wipers.
Not influenced by sometimes-ephemeral trends of the contemporary art world, Georgie tries to produce timeless pieces she herself would want on her wall. She is inspired by the natural world, having been brought up in the Suffolk countryside, and tries to explore that relationship with nature in her work. There is a constant struggle to maintain emotionally connected with the flow of the work during the process of painting - which is what gives it integrity - whilst also stepping back and making it visually successful. 

Georgie's work is shown in galleries across the UK including the Royal Academy, she has had three solo shows in 2017 and is currently on an art residency at Oundle School near Peterborough. Her work sells to a number of notable patrons across both the art world and the wider world.

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