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23 September 2017
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SW014, Brisons Veor 1, oil and acrylic on board, 25 x 30cm
SW014, Brisons Veor 1, oil and acrylic on board, 25 x 30cm

Sally Wyatt

Living and working in Gloucestershire, Sally’s approach to painting is influenced by early studies in earth sciences and a long career in textiles and the decorative arts as well as a year of intensive critique and mentoring at the Newlyn School of Art. She is currently Artist in residence at Cogges Manor, Witney, Oxfordshire and can be seen regularly sketching in the grounds. She has been given use of private studio space in the manor to respond to the seasonal changes in the garden, farm, woods, riverbank and also exploring the nature of the ancient buildings and is working towards a solo show in Spring 2017.  She says of her work:
“I love to walk in wilder places, happily brave wilder weather, collect, contemplate and draw intuitively carrying a limited assortment of mixed and water media. Salient features may need accurate representation, but mostly I make marks that are less tangible and express atmosphere or emotion.
In the studio I paint in oil, experiment and use collage techniques to build layers, loose detail and create new interest. Work becomes ever more abstracted, evolving mysteriously by imagination and alchemy. Manipulating the surface textures reveals fascinating parallels with nature, erosion, decay, meteorological or tidal drama.
I seek to express something of natures exuberance and exquisite elegance leaving the viewer freedom for imagination and interpretation.
I experience pure pleasure and absolute absorption from the creative process.”

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