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PH002, Summer Light on the Landscape, Nr Burford, acrylic on canvas, 45 x 61cm
PH002, Summer Light on the Landscape, Nr Burford, acrylic on canvas, 45 x 61cm

Philip Huckin

Philip's highly detailed landscapes are a result of scrupulous observation, attention to detail and many hours work.  The result is an understanding of light and landscape, with all it's undulations, patchwork of colours, patterns and textures.  All are systematically recorded.  The landscapes in the current exhibition were made following a visit to the Cotswolds during the early summer of 2016. He says:
“The weather during the weekend was perfect with clouds scudding across a deep blue sky and the summer light catching and defining the forms in the landscape below. In the work I have tried to capture the movement of light across the landscape and the intricate detail to be seen in the dry stone walls, the furrowed contours of the fields and the wild and cultivated plant forms.”

Huckin was born and grew up in Oxford where he completed an Art and Design Foundation Year prior to gaining a BA in Art and History at The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. After completing a post graduate Art and Design teacher training course at Sussex University and he took up his first teaching post in Hertfordshire in 1976.

He taught Art and Design in the South East, North West and North East of England; managed departments and faculties; directed the curriculum as a Deputy Head Teacher; delivered teaching training; wrote and edited national training materials in Art and Design; and worked as an Education Adviser. During this period of his life, a total of 33 years in secondary education, he continued to draw and paint whenever possible, usually during family holidays, in the firm belief that teachers, through their own personal practice, should stay connected with the subject that brought them into education.
In 2012 he gained a Master’s Degree in Fine Art at his old university in Aberystwyth. The study of  landscape formed the focus of the MA and during the course he began to study Welsh in a desire to draw closer to the landscape he was portraying.  He says:
“ I believe that the creative process demands discipline and commitment, through the synthesis of ideas and craft skills to communicate my interpretation of the visual world to the viewer. “

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