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HS008a, New Forest, drawn inclusion in cast glass, Aqua ,  18.5 x 23 x 3.5cm
HS008a, New Forest, drawn inclusion in cast glass, Aqua , 18.5 x 23 x 3.5cm

Helen Slater

Helen graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in glass and ceramics and is presently studying for a PhD in glass at the Royal College of Art. Working from her glass workshop in Oxfordshire, each unique piece of glass is hand cast and polished, giving them a weighty elegance.  Captured within the glass are the colours and forms of the English landscape, giving them a truly beautiful and ethereal quality.  She says of her work:

“My current work looks at how we perceive and remember places and environments within our lives. The fact that we are able to bring associations to these places and settings, which hold a resonance throughout our lives, is of interest to me.
These pieces, some of which were designed exclusively for the University of Oxford Shop, are part of a larger series of works addressing our associations with the environment, the home, our surroundings and the places we visit and have an impact on. They reference a narrative that can be read as personal or generic, to which the viewer can bring their own associations.”

Recent Exhibitions
50th Anniversary Exhibition, Leeds City Craft & Design Gallery, Leeds, 2013
Selected Artist at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, 2013
Snakes & Ladders, The Belfry Arts Centre, Norfolk. 2012
Selected Artist at The Catherine Hammond Gallery, Cork, Ireland. 2012
Glass Games, Selected exhibition for the Olympics, CGS, The Gallery, London, 2012
National Glass Centre, Sunderland, 2011

‘Crystal Staircase’ – Private Client
‘The Public Servant of the Year Awards’ - Annual commission (2001-2009) sponsored by the Cabinet Office, CIPFA and Public Finance
‘The Reporting & Accountability Awards’ – annual commission (2001-2009) sponsored by CIPFA and Public Finance

Outdoor Sculptural Commissions
‘Saint Gobain Glass’ – schools Project at the Flagship Factory, Saint Gobain Glass, Eggborough, Yorkshire
‘Sculptors Drawing’ – 2 Life Sized Glass Figures, Burghley House Sculpture Garden Commission, Stamford, Lincs.
‘Journey’ – ‘Main Courtyard Sculpture’ – commissioned sculpture for the John Radcliffe Trust, Churchill Hospital New Cancer Wing
‘Discussion’ – Life Sized Seated Figure, Private Commission, Catalan, Spain

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